Plumbing Repair

Plumbing is a part of our everyday lives. Just think about how often you wash your hands, take a shower, and use the facilities. If you have pipe damage or other faulty plumbing, one or more of these vital activities could be interrupted. Even worse, the damage could continue to fester, leading to water leaks, busted pipes, and even issues with toxic mold.

Don’t wait for plumbing repair! Call Leo’s Plumbing & Repair, LLC in Powhatan, VA for the best licensed plumber team in the area. We can even handle main water line replacement should you have the unfortunate need to open up your sewer and water lines.

Leo’s Plumbing & Repair, LLC can also offer proficient home improvements. Even if it is as simple as connecting your shower to your water line or finishing the installation of a new sink, Leo’s Plumbing & Repair, LLC is happy to help make your home look its best.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Leo’s Plumbing & Repair, LLC in Powhatan, VA at (804) 376-7235.